Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise.  (Psalm 84:4)

Zion started Sunday School again! We started last week with a nature walk and Bible lesson in the Cedar Room. Our Bible lesson was about the Cross. Do you remember a Bible verse about the Cross? If you missed our first Sunday School lesson, you could draw a cross at home and learn the words of a Bible verse about the Cross. Here’s a good verse: The message of the cross… is the power of God (First Corinthians, chapter 1, verse 18, adapted). Thanks to Tracy for leading the nature walk, and to Myha and Rachel for leading the Bible lesson. Don’t worry if you missed the first Sunday School event—you are welcome to start coming any time. We meet at the North doors by the parking lot just before nine o’clock on Sunday morning.

This is a special note for adults caring for children. We are learning that “the well-being of children and the well-being of creation are fundamentally linked. Child advocacy expert Richard Louv writes about “nature deficit disorder” in his book, The Last Child in the Woods, where he directly links the lack of nature in the lives of today’s children to some of the most disturbing childhood trends [such as] the increase in ADD, depression, and other mental health issues. When we cultivate children’s relationship with nature, not only are they healthier in mind, body, and spirit, they also learn to protect and care for God’s creation” (Sundays and Seasons Year B 2021, p. 269).

This Sunday is Bible Sunday during the worship service! Zion presents a Good News Bible to anyone in Grade Three. This year we will also present a Good News Bible to anyone who was in Grade Three last year, because we missed you during the lock-down. Come at twenty after ten and tell the usher you would like to receive a Good News Bible so Pastor Ron can present it during the Children’s Message. Its OK if you can’t come this Sunday—call Kaylyn in the church office so we can arrange for another Sunday. Thank you Kaylyn for helping with Bible Sunday!


We plan to begin Wednesday Morning Prayer on September 22. We meet synchronously at 10:00 in person in the Chapel, and at the same time by Zoom. Please wear a mask in person. Pre-registration is recommended because The Chapel capacity with physical distancing is six persons. We follow Morning Prayer in Evangelical Lutheran Worship (page 298), and use the Daily Lectionary readings, Year B (page 1138).


Its time to regroup after our summer break!  We adapted the ELCIC National Bishop’s suggestion and were reading through the Bible together. Bishop Susan provided Bible Reading guides over the summer, so let’s check in on our summer Bible reading and decide what we would like to read together and how we would like to read together. Is meeting together in person an option? Do you prefer to meet by Zoom? A combination of the two? Is 12:30-2:00 p.m. on Tuesday a good time? Please call Judy at 306-382-4754 so we can regroup for next week.


Interest in the Book of Revelation has increased during the pandemic. Many people are questioning God’s role in these events and wondering about the future. Interpreters are relating current world crises to the signs in the Book of Revelation, especially the Four Horses of the Seven Seals in Chapter Six. In response to requests from several people, Pastor Ron plans to offer an evening study on the Book of Revelation. Please call Kaylyn in the church office at 306-653-2442 or email her at to express your preference for time and day and in-person or remote meeting. The duration of the study will be decided at the Introductory Session.


Our first Confirmation Ministry event is planned for Sunday, October 3rd in Meewasin Park from 4:00-4:45 p.m. All youth Grades 7-9 are welcome, and parents are invited to stay. We will gather around campfires in the park to get to know each other a bit, find out about future Confirmation Ministry events, and check in with God. Pastor Ron is the fire-keeper and Pastor Marilyn is the Prayer leader. This event is part of the joint ministries of the Seven ELCIC Churches in Saskatoon (7ELCS).

3 responses to “Announcements

  1. sonja freiermuth

    Thank you for these announcements Prayers for all the sick that were mentioned

  2. Since I have had to miss attending worship for a few Sundays recently, I really appreciate at least seeing the weekly printed announcements in order to keep up a little with what is going on at Zion. Thanks so much!

  3. Having missed several Sundays I really appreciate these announcements Thanks for putting them on line Gods Blessings to all.

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