Adult Education


We plan to begin Wednesday Morning Prayer on October 6. We meet at 10:00 by Zoom. Contact Kaylyn in the office for the Zoom link. We follow Morning Prayer in Evangelical Lutheran Worship (page 298), and use the Daily Lectionary readings, Year B (page 1138).


Its time to regroup after our summer break!  We adapted the ELCIC National Bishop’s suggestion and were reading through the Bible together. Bishop Susan provided Bible Reading guides over the summer, so let’s check in on our summer Bible reading and decide what we would like to read together and how we would like to read together. Is meeting together in person an option? Do you prefer to meet by Zoom? A combination of the two? Is 12:30-2:00 p.m. on Tuesday a good time? Please call Judy at 306-382-4754 so we can regroup for next week.


Interest in the Book of Revelation has increased during the pandemic. Many people are questioning God’s role in these events and wondering about the future. Interpreters are relating current world crises to the signs in the Book of Revelation, especially the Four Horses of the Seven Seals in Chapter Six. In response to requests from several people, Pastor Ron plans to offer an evening study on the Book of Revelation. Please call Kaylyn in the church office at 306-653-2442 or email her at to express your preference for time and day and in-person or remote meeting. The duration of the study will be decided at the Introductory Session.

PACE is taking a break for the summer – hope to see you in September!

Parish Adult Christian Education, an hour-long discussion on interesting topics affecting our community and our faith including bible studies, each Sunday morning at 9:30am. Join us for guest speakers and discussion. Everyone is welcome!