Stephen Ministry

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By now, you have all heard about the Stephen Ministry program.  It is alive and well in many of our congregations.  (If it’s not – it can be!)  A new training class is beginning soon, and we hope to get in a few sessions before Christmas approaches.  Talk to your pastor or one of the Stephen Leaders listed below if you would like to join us.  Talk to former and current Stephen Ministers if you have any questions or concerns.  Most of all, PRAY that you are being led to serve in this way.  We are all caring people.  Let’s be intentional in our caregiving in our faith communities. 

Sharon Babcock                Adri Booth          Pastor Hugh Farmer Fran Seidler

Would you like to be part of a ministry that makes a real difference in other’s lives when they need it most – and in your own? Consider becoming a Stephen Minister!

Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who provide one – to – one caring ministry to people experiencing grief, divorce, loneliness, job loss, hospitalization, and many other life difficulties.

Stephen Minister training equips you to do an excellent job as a Stephen Minister as well as to improve the quality of all your relationships. Topics include:

  • Listening
  • Feelings
  • Confidentiality
  • Providing Christian care
  • Maintaining Boundaries
  • Crisis Theory and practice
  • Ministering to people experiencing grief, divorce, hospitalization, illness and more

Once equipped Stephen Ministers are prayerfully matched with people who are going through a stressful time or life difficulty. A Stephen Minister meets with this person once a week for about an hour to listen, care, encourage, and pray. The Stephen Minster brings Christ’s presence into the person’s life and also experiences Christ in the other person. It’s really a life-changing ministry for both the care receiver and the Stephen Minister.

If you‘d like to learn more about how to become a Stephen Minister – Talk with your pastor or a Stephen Leader. The Inter-Lutheran Stephen Ministry Leader Group are planning to hold a Stephen Ministry Training Session this fall.  Please let us know that you would like to apply to join the class by calling Pastor Hugh Farmer at 306-221-9484, Fran Seidler at 306-280-0549, Adri Booth at 306-221-2490, or Sharon Babcock at 306-291-0084.