Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry and Saskatoon Lutheran churches have been together for over twenty years.  During these twenty plus years many of our members have provided one-on-one weekly care and continue to provide a ministry of “care”.

Training to become a Stephen Minister requires fifty hours of class time and a personal sense of “call” to this kind of one-on-one caring ministry. If you are wanting to learn more about Stephen Ministry as a caring ministry, you are invited to approach one of your church’s current Stephen Ministers, or one of Saskatoon’s five Stephen Leaders, or your pastor. 

There is an update on upcoming opportunities with Stephen Ministry from Fran Seidler that you can read here.

The newest Stephen Ministries Newsletter can be found here. Articles entitled, “Caring for Grieving People during the COVID-19 Crisis”, “Self-Care when Caring for Grieving People” and more can be found in the newsletter.