Stephen Ministry

You can find the December Update here which includes information about the Blue Christmas Service – we, at Saskatoon Stephen Ministry, understand how difficult this season may be for many people. We want you to know that we are here for you – to listen, to care and to walk with you through these dark days. We invite you to attend our Service of Remembrance of Healing – whether you have lost a loved on, lost your job, struggling with health issues or just facing life’s difficult challenges – this service is for you. You will find solace, peace and comfort in word, music and silence. Come and surround yourself with the love of community.

25 years ago Pastor Boyd Molder and the Zion congregation introduced me to Stephen Ministry.  This has enriched and rewarded my life in ways I can’t begin to describe.  Zion and Redeemer became the founding congregations of Stephen Ministry in Saskatoon.  We have continued to thrive in training dozens of Stephen ministers over the years and have cared for countless care receivers. We have also spread Stephen ministry to several other Lutheran congregations in our city. It becomes a ministry of compassion and passion for all those who take the training.   Each Stephen Minister enhances their skills of listening, compassion and trust, as well as deepen their faith in Christ and the caring ministry we chose.  Each one of you has the skills to be a Stephen Minister.  It is in you!!!  And the unplanned blessings come back to you seventy times seven.  You don’t become a Stephen Minister to be rewarded, but oh…how the rewards are great in our hearts.  You have an opportunity to be part of the Fall 2021 Training class to begin later in October by Zoom.  Some of you will be approached by a Stephen Leader…I hope you heed the call that we see in you.  We ask you to pray if this is a life changing journey you would like to be part of.  Now more than ever, in these challenging and uncertain times, we have members of our congregations waiting to receive care from a Stephen Minister.  Help us to provide that care. Talk to one of the Stephen Leaders in your congregation for more information or contact Pastor Hugh Farmer, Training Coordinator, at 306-374-3942.

Fran Seidler, Zion