Daily Prayers for Lent

Along with our Messenger Devotion, the next week of Daily Prayers for Lent was emailed out this afternoon. They are also posted daily to our Facebook page.

We are also putting out a challenge this Lent and Easter for the Food Bank.

Let’s try something different this year – instead of collecting food for the Food Bank, let’s collect money to donate to the Food Bank!  Could we collect $500?  Since giving to the needy is one of the Lenten disciplines, and since we have drastically fewer people physically in the church due to Covid, it just seems like a good idea to try something different. 

Here’s how it would work.

  • Place a monetary donation in your church envelope and be sure to note that it is for the Food Bank. Leave the donation at the church office.
  • Kaylyn and Darlene will separate these donations, record them, and after Easter will forward them to the Food Bank.
  • Beginning on Sunday, March 28, the church office will notify us by notice in the church bulletin and on Facebook, how close we are to meeting our goal.
  • We will continue collecting through Easter Sunday as we have had a late start.

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