A message from Council President

Dear friends in Christ,

God’s grace and peace to you.
As the coronavirus known as COVID-19 escalates world wide and we in Saskatoon experience numerous measures in the effort to slow transmission, you may be concerned about the safety of attending worship services and other gatherings at Zion.

The Council of Zion Lutheran Church has made the responsible decision to suspend all public worship services and other gatherings in the church, effective immediately.

Although we will not be able to meet together in person during the state of emergency, we can still pray together and keep in touch with one another through our website and Facebook page where devotions based on the Sunday service will be available each week. Every week, a Sunday service will be uploaded; consider “being there” with Zion, at a regular time from where you are, for spiritual support during this time in our lives.

Worship plans for Holy Week are being crafted through the co-operative efforts of the seven Saskatoon congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and that information will be made available through social media, email and phone messages.

Provision for pastoral care and spiritual support will be available by contacting Pastor Ron who will keep office hours, Monday afternoon through to Friday morning, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. He may be reached by phone or email. Arrangements for communion, baptism, marriage preparation and funeral planning may be made by appointment through the contact information listed below.

Pastor Ron is available for essential compassionate visitation at hospitals and nursing homes at the request of patients, residents, family members, or staff.

We regret that the Support Groups that have found shelter in our church will not be able to meet here during this state of emergency. Pastor Ron will be available to those groups as well for spiritual support .

Let us pray for one another during this time of crisis, especially those among us most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. May we all find comfort in trusting ourselves and our loved ones to God revealed in the cross of Jesus Christ. May His peace govern our hearts and his promise strengthen our faith: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Let us not be driven by fear and anxiety, but in prudence and faith let us continue to love one another as Christ loves each of us.

Yours in Christ,
Margaret Fast,
President, Zion Congregational Council

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