100 years…I wonder what’s next?

What an amazing weekend!

We got to celebrate 100 years of being church for the glory of God, in service to the community.

Thank you to our dedicated organizing committee for their months of organization to ensure the celebration was both educational and enjoyable.

Thordis Agrey
Andrea Cameron
Bishop Allan Grundahl
Judy Jahnke
Linda Jarock
James Lokken
Jackie Smith

And thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time this weekend.

Please visit us on Facebook for the streamed version of the service on Sunday
as well as for the plaque dedication on Saturday at the original site of Zion.

Many more photos are on Facebook. Search for Zion Saskatoon and follow us on Facebook.



Bishop Sid Haugen brought the message

Al Anderson (above) and Borgny Lokken (below) attended Zion at its original location on Eastlake Avenue.

One response to “100 years…I wonder what’s next?

  1. Margaret Fast

    It was a wonderful weekend of celebration! Thank you to everyone!

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