Bible Study Announcement


The Bible “Book of the Month” Club!!

Maybe you remember the Reader’s Digest “Book of the Month” Club? All the millions we were going to win!

The prize for joining this “Bible Book of the Month Club” is of far surpassing worth than that pipe dream! For the promise that attends the Word of God is faith in Jesus Christ, and the prize for faith is eternal life!

Our Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Bishop Susan Johnson is challenging all 200,000 of her flock to read a book of the Bible every month for the next twelve months… at least!  There are 66 books in the standard Protestant Bible, so… (She thinks some of the shorter ones might not take a full month to read– Ha! She doesn’t know OUR Bible Study group discussion…)

Let’s start with an easy one, a big one, a long one: the first book of the Bible, Genesis!  If we commit to reading two chapters on every reading day (counting the Saturdays but not the Sundays), we will read the whole of Genesis in October!

And bring your Bible reading, prayers, questions, and insights, to the Bible Study group meeting on Tuesdays from 12:30-2:00 in the Chapel, either in person or by Zoom. Please pre-register so we can physically distance or look for you on-line. Or email or phone in your thoughts on what you have read. Our first fall Bible Study Group meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 6 starting at 12:30.

Don’t procrastinate… start reading today!

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